"I look at you all, see the love there that's sleeping while my guitar gently weeps."

   George Harrison RIP

What Winds My Clock

Here is my yearly mini bio. I thought a writer's commentary and info space was needed since so much changes.

It has been a long time since I took the time to update this website, but I have been updating my life in this absence.  I am 27 and only months away from my 28th birthday, when I shall change this paragraph again because that is the ritual I tend to follow.  Since the time I last updated my divorce was granted, several close friends were lost, and my dad found love in his life.  Again.  I finally have been able to see a therapist to help sort out the personal issues that I could not address.  My vows of silence each year have helped me survive each hardship I have faced.  While I was blessed with good, honest friends I was also cursed with a bad apple.  One that helped me find my inner strength and then turned rotten right when I was starting to feel O.K. again.  I can never fully understand what motivates people to be so terrible towards each other.  The human race seems content to watch its "neighbor" lose everything as long as it doesn't affect them in any burdensome way.  T.V. has gotten less and less intelligent and more dramatic and focused on the sexual nature of man.  The few 'interesting' programs are even a bland re-write of some of the best original printed "Who Done it?"  books and even re-scripted versions of today's rare independent ideas.  Everything has become a cliche, even pointing out that fact.  


Piper Marau

                        Favorite Quotes and Random Quips:

Eagles may soar, but weasels don't get sucked into jet engines. ~nathan~

Great minds think alike, until you realize they are not that great. ~piper marau~

 I have to comfort the woman that hit me as a child. 2011


"You hurt me. rot in hell" is better than a long detailed entry of your every flaw and exactly why you are hated.  kitty  9-22-2004

"I think I'd rather be sick at home than sick here so I can vomit in my own respectable trash can...Now, can I have my arm back?"  kitty  1-8-2005

I've noticed I have not been getting spam on Sundays. Is this some twisted moral attempt to prove they are not so bad?  Come on...my Sabbath is sun down Friday to sundown Saturday. They should know this stuff!!  After all, they were the ones who knew I was over 60 needing life insurance, a new mortgage, ink jets for the super expensive exotic printer and in need of pictures containing young hot barely legal babes having exclusive barn yard sex with Catholic priests taking the pictures...Hmmm! bastards.  kitty  12-13-2004

I'm giddy. I feel like a school boy..   kitty 12-23-2004

The only thing with value are the people you meet and even they in time will join you in death.  kitty  2-13-2006

One guy tried to convince me to find Jesus.. What the fuck are you doing grabbing tits and ass in the stripclub if you're on a Christian escapade?!?!?!?!? kitty 2-23-2006

Sometimes my chest will just start hurting. like a car that is missing a part. It is important enough to hurt but not enough to shut it down. It barely runs.
kitty 3-06-2006

First find 75 pro-american billionaires and or mega millionaires.

Hold some sort of convention of charity benefit.
Sell some things making the total income out to $75 million.
Give THAT money to the Iran NOT government money that doesn't exist right now because the last thing we need (next to a draft and ww3 and 4) is our government being in MORE needless debt because the nations leaders can't fucking budget right.

OOOORRRR just have 75 of those people simply donate the money for a tax deduction or something equally awesome. If 75 super rich people donated only $1 million a piece it would all be taken care of. It is pennies to those people. If they are looking for something really good to spend it on and they want to be politically involved it is the perfect way to do it. Bono from U2 is in on this kind of stuff. Why not rally up some of the other good rich people to not only take a few mill out of their yearly income and do something useful with it rather than buy a 40 thousand dollar dog?  That money can feed a good part of the nation. be used to house the homeless that need a job and a home. CURE CANCER FOR CHRIST'S SAKE!!!  Something other than petty material goods.

Now about the war thing...Group Therapy.  Each leader and council from each nation, no matter how big or tiny, should go to therapy together. Sort out why we wage wars and spend mega billions on weapons for premeditated wars and put an end to all of it. It is that simple.

Now I know I'm just some stupid idealistic child with my little rant but it is common fucking sense and I just don't think these people have it.  kitty  2-25-2006