Happy Shit

Watch Your Step

In these times one must know

The cats will always fight

Showing love and affection with no mercy

Attacking, purring

While life drifts by losing time

Getting distracted by the little things

Yet always finding in your path

That one reliable thing

Full of angst and joy

Violence and wooing

The ball of cats rolling on the floor

Piper Marau

Tweedle odd tweedle new,
Why do people do the dew??
To drink a can and pop a top,
Why the hell does red mean stop??
Of love and clothes and fashion fur,
Why do we still wear a blur??
And most of all...why do people care?
Is it the graham cracker crust,
Or the technicolor hair?


Piper Marau

Kandy Kloud is on my mind,
Brighter than any diamond mine,
With rainbow skies and happy smiles,
I know all visitors smile for miles and miles,
And when the sun begins to set,
The kandy kloud is lined with red,
And when the sun again does rise,
Inside that kandy kloud's a surprise,
Just open up and then you'll see,
The love that enchants the sea.


Piper Marau

Cutie cat

Flowers bloom in pink morning light,
So gentle blows the breeze,
Scatters petals through the fields,
A little kitten sneeze.

Piper Marau

The Smile

One day I decided to smile,
It made someone very happy,
It went on for half a mile,
Then it turned into laughing,
When they walked away I felt a sudden joy in me,
All it took was the simple grin,
I didn't know how good it would be,
So I did it all over again.

Piper Marau

Sleepy Food

Chocolate chips and rainbow stix dancing in my eyes,
With cherry cake and M&M's on a broom to fly,
My spice rack talks to me in the middle of the night,
And ice cream scoops doe si doe in my kitchen sink,
All of these is what I see when I'm in my dreams.

Piper Marau

Good Day Sunshine


Blue skies are cheery turned up

Blinking Sun never dies

Clouds go by in miles

Children look up with smiles

Grass blows happy in the wind

Growing steadily by the inch

Summer days just float by

Sneaking past till winter time.

Piper Marau

My Rhyming Ops


Out of the box

Stone set clocks


A big red fox!

Somebody knocks

I'm standing on rocks

Watching the clocks

The ticks the tocks

The flips the flops

hip hops

Hickory dickory docks

Oh wow

I rhymed

Big deal

Close out

Piper Marau

New Year's Day


Bright and glow

Purple snow

The flakes on my eyelashes

Sparkle in morning glow


Dewdrops settle from the trees

Shimmering rainbow in the leaves

Sprinkle moisture on the snow

As wind blows through the trees


Warmth is spread upon the land

As flowers open like a hand

And glitter like the leaves

Morning starts upon the land


A new day has dawned

And waking creatures yawned

Like the shadow of a hand

A whole new year has dawned


In this year new life is born

And now the past years deaths are mourned

As the new born baby yawned

A brand new year is born


Take this moment in to heart

Spread your love and with the start

Your losses are no longer mourned

As joy fills in your heart.

Piper Marau

An Hour


An hour is all that's left in my life to live

An hour to which people my time I shall give

An hour leaves me to do the things I want

An hour also leaves me the things I cannot

In that hour I would end pain and suffering

In that hour I would spend my time listening

With an hour left to live every breath would count

With an hour left to live I would waste no amount

If I had an hour left to live I would solve world hunger

If I had an hour left to live I would befriend every stranger

For that hour the world would be at peace

No longer surrounded by its never ending needs

You see, I would make that hour last

I'd make it all worth while

If I had just and hour left to live

I would make someone smile.

Piper Marau