Feelings of Intuition and Arguments With the Sky

Can you imagine
coughing and screaming as you
Thrashing and pulling at nothing
and more nothing
waiting for help
some sign that the gods might save you
a chance to live before
everything goes to black
and you look up as
the universe extends one hand
And through the darkness you reach
desperately try to reach
When the hand turns from
The inviting cup
and extends its middle finger as it slips away into the clouds?

Piper Marau

The First Cigarette of the New Year

Everything in life
Death happens in the time it takes to smoke a cigarette.
If it took just seven minutes
To light
And slowly inhale the thick smoke curling from the filter
and into your lungs
As a man thrashes around drowning
with cold salty water crashing into his lungs
Reaching out for the lifeboat
The crew desperately trying to save him
Not breathing
Going more brain dead by the minute
While you breath in and out your simple cigarette.
As easily as you extinguish your dying butt
It is over
The man is dead.
during the home funeral of a pet
Imagine taking the shovel and with each labored puff
A stroke into the earth
Taking a little longer to savor the moment
As you remember the cat
or the rats
Finishing the smoke as you finish the burial
Making the end more final.
There is also the cigarette where you witness something
standing casually by the door
As two cars collide on the street
one survivor runs to check on the other
and you wait to see if anyone calls for help.
Of course
there is nothing like the waiting room cigarette
Anticipating a delivery
fearing a loss
waiting and pacing
Smoking away each moment
Trying to see into the future.
The most desperate cigarette
is smoked when
trying to control anger
or think of a response
or a way to escape
from a great shock.
cigarette smoked while watching the last
beams of light fall behind the horizon
and the fierce red and purple fade into the darkness
in unison with the final drag of a slowly burning cigarette.
That same cigarette breaks up the day.
The draining minutes slipping through each hour
With that seven minutes making each one that follows
slightly more bearable.
The reality is more fatal than any lung caner.
That your life is made of nothing but seven minute intervals
Whether you choose to smoke or not.
And you won't get any of it back.

Piper Marau

A Long Time Coming


Somehow I know

From here it gets better

As the bad plays out

The good rolls in

I feel a change is coming

I see it in the sky

Fortunes will turn

The wheel of life is once again shifting

I wonder where it will go this time

I've had such good fortune in bad times

The world around is changing

Not truly for the better

As I gaze up to the moonlit sky

A tremor of fear creeps up my spine

The winds are now wrathful

I'm waiting for the wheel to stop

To see the end result

How we all shall pay for our debts

As our dues are coming back

Though, for me I know

Some good will come of this

After all the devastation I endured

The game is now entering my favor

As I watch the naughty make amends

My reparations shall unfold

Just one more mile down this old beaten road

Then the day shall come

The world will be forced to make a new change

To restore what we have lost.


Piper Marau



I want to show you how I feel

I need to express somehow this emotion

When we divide to conquer ourselves

The shame displayed as though it were triumph

You know you got it twisted

I won't let you get away with this

Who will buy you off this time?

What price will we pay for it

To be caught red handed like you

And watch them applaud

No longer doing what's right

Changing the law to get off clean

Re-arranging the system to ease your conscience

Making it wrong to improve what we lost

Distracting us with gossip

The finger points to you

Your lime light is our failure

The people made by you

Manufactured to be dumb

So enveloped in this race

To dominate the way we think

Maybe we won't notice this time around

We did it to ourselves.


Piper Marau

A Sign


I feel a cold wind coming

A chill runs through me as though it had the right

My senses pick up the change upon us

It is time to make another move

The wind pushing me to go again

Looking to the sky I am searching

Seeking out my next instruction

Fearing its every request

Longing not to have to go

Unable to leave things as they were

A shift in the sky has pointed my next location

I stare lazily with a sigh

I'm waiting for that moment

When I look up and feel at home

To know the land is mine

And Ours

This place is unsettled

The stars are angry with the earth

I feel a wrath coming

A day when we pay up

The clouds become frightening

Telling me how wrong we've been

I do what it tells me to

I dare not contradict the heavens

Though, a time will come again

When we are struck down to our true element.


Piper Marau

The Pattern of Life


Something is not right

I feel it, a disturbance in the pattern of life

It leaves me so sleepless and uneasy

The colors so skillfully woven into the soul of man

Now fading as though left on a rock out in the sun

Perhaps copied too many times

Old prints showing through, tainted by the overlay

Of what is now the surface

Not so perfectly blended into the fabric of today

Yet forced to participate

Making no sense in comparison to "right" and "wrong"

Soon to be covered up by more mistakes

These faults which we re-live rather than learn from

They are going to catch up with us soon

To overlap the confusion that has long existed

Hoping that some day we can decipher the answer.


Piper Marau

The Rules:

1.  Never live with your boyfriend even if you are engaged.
2.  Never sleep with your roommate no matter how cute he is.
3.  You'll never get that promotion if you keep telling the truth.
4.  You'll never really be happy if you don't like your hair.
5.  Never fall in love with His daughter, it won't get you anything.
6.  Don't sleep in his bed unless you just finished having sex.  It just causes unnecessary attachment
7.  Don't hope for much to happen with your fuck buddy.  After all, he's your fuck buddy to avoid being your boyfriend.
8.  Never break down alone, but avoid breaking down with the man you are having sex with.  He doesn't want to hear it.
9.  Always smile.  

Piper Marau

The Voluptuous One

Maybe you're scared to be perfect. Maybe it's the over whelming responsibility of knowing you are desired. You know guys want you. You make girls sick with envy, but you hate it. You don't want to be the shallow girl that knows she's beautiful, but in reality she's as ugly as you feel. You scream at every compliment wishing they would take it back. You act like you don't care about being the voluptuous one. Every lustful eye that sets on your body tears another piece of your modesty until you are as naked as a doll, but they don't know. All they see is your pretty face.


Piper Marau