This is a list of all the people who have helped me keep this monster going. Look may be on it!

This website is dedicated to the following:


Maegan Marie Sullivan..for getting me off my lazy ass to produce this second rate piece of html junk.


My father for actually impregnating my mother so I could be born.


My mother for actually letting me on the computer so I could create this second rate piece of html junk.


To all the websites I "didn't" steal stuff from..cuz that's just wrong..


To Mark saved yourself from having an old picture of you posted by sending me that recent one...


  To Blaine, for not screaming like a girl when I took his picture on the bus..


To trojan man for finally asking me where the guest book I'll finally stay up all night trying to launch it!


To Mrs. Arnold for letting me update my website at class...where it was sort of illegal..and not telling on me.  I love that woman!


To Josh for turning around and saying "hi" really messed up there, buddy!


For my other mom...Laura! I need your picture!!

For Curtis, who graduated high school just so I could post his graduation picture!


For Carmelo who became such a gothy little freak so I could post his picture as well..


For Elaine for creating me and having such mercy on my pitiful undeserving soul..I'll get your souls my lady!


To my slave Jon...I'm not really sure what for but I'm sure there is something!!!


Manna needs some credit for all those amazing mums she makes!

With thanks to Kelso, for starting the Kelso and Kitty show


Much love to my cat, Artemus, who tolerated the scanner so I could show the world his tight little ass...


Tisha gets thanks for targeting everything in sight. Now all we have to do is start that freakin band!!!


Bill Gates..for giving me something to write about...

Ennyiis, who helped me start my novel..this bud's for you!


Mr Beefy, who graciously allowed half of his friends to jump on his back, we'll never forget you!


My Sunshine for giving me so much to write about, it's been a long drought and you saved me


For water because it is so refreshing...


My twin Robin. I'll get you away from those inebriates soon...

To Satan..oh wait..that was Elaine...


To the tooth fairy for beating the shit out of bolt and getting my html back!!!


To the Sandman who keeps skipping my room so I can stay up all night and work on this thing.


And of course, to Tripod. Without you I would never have taken the time to put together this pathetic existence of a web page. You really know how to lease a sitebuilder and then take it back..Indian giver!!


My darling have kept me whiter than Nicole Kidman's ass!