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The House

My umbrella has a hole
Leaky roof and wet
It grows bigger every day
So I have to run down the street.
As I run my life passes me by
Friends say *Hi! Slow down you'll fall!*
But it's too late
I fell a block ago.
I'm just trying to get to the house
My house is warm
With dry clothes and digi cable
New movies are on tonight.
The house is always open for me
I hang up my umbrella
Next to the coat, boots, and hat
All have holes
All are deteriorating
All I have are memories.
The house moans with joy as I sit on the couch
Even if the house were empty I'd still come back
The house is there for me
It's always warm
Nice and dry.
One day the couch broke in half
The cable shut off and the lights flickered out
But the house remained warm
The door forever open
The roof never leaks.
I called a repairman
He glued the couch back
The cable man turned the cable back on
And the electrician restored the light.
Still the house stands.
The storm outside raged and blew
The tree's fell down
Cows flew by
Cars were destroyed by volleyball sized hail
Yet the house stood firm.
One day I taped my umbrella back
I went for a walk
The wind blew it away.
I slowly walked back to the house
The door still open
The inside always dry
The couch still comfy
The clothes on the bed
The cable always on
The lights always bright
The rooms always warm.

Piper Marau
To Chris Price

The house part 2


I sold my house to fix my umbrella

The holes were patched by an awkward fella

It cost me my warmth

But I am still dry

And I can only hope the patch will hold when the wind starts to fly

Of course I still visit my house

But it's gloomy and dark

Not holding the happiness it once possessed

Every now and then the electricity flickers

And the floor boards moan

It cries and calls out for me

It is all alone

When I walk by the house all I can do is stare

I see no people

The walls became bare

But I didn't sell it for no reason

No feelings of treason

But the house changed you see

It got a new cable company that offers different channels

New wallpaper and paint covers the panels

Outside it seems the same but look inside

You'll see

My house could no longer satisfy me

It wasn't too big

It wasn't too small

The thing is...I can't figure it out at all

I wonder why I can't keep the house and walk with the umbrella

Then I saw the greater price for it to be fixed

It was the house or the umbrella

I still can't decide

The feelings inside fight for the answer

But I still don't know

The house still glows

It waits for me vacant

On the cold, lonely nights

And my newly fixed umbrella rests at my side.


Piper Marau

The house part 3


I came to the house again

But it wasn't the same

I saw the street lamp was out

And the grass was unkempt

It started to sprinkle as I walked through the now rusted gate

As I walked I saw through the windows

Dust covered and cracked they revealed such a ruin of beauty

The wall paper was peeling down

Drooping to the ground

Sad like a weeping willow mourning for the rain

I could hear the steady hum of electricity

As it was shorting out

Slowly I went up the stairs of the porch

The boards were loose and weak

I approached the door and grasped the handle and pressed

But it did not give

A cold unwelcoming breeze shot through my bones

I walked to the window and cupped my hands on the glass to get a better look

Inside was so desolate

The cable was out on the tv

And gray fuzz covered the screen

The floor was sunken in places

The doors were off their hinges

It looked so cold and lonely

I stepped back to sigh

Wondering how the house could get this run down

I turned to leave, stopping at a support post at the stop of the porch

I ran my hands across the decaying wood

Scraping off some paint with my hand

The beams were so delicate

One good shove and the porch could collapse

I just lowered my eyes and heavily walked down the steps

The weeds and tall grass that over populated the walk way parted so I could leave

The gate swung shut behind me once I was out

I turned to get one last glance of the house before I left

The breeze quickened and it began to rain

The house groaned as the wind blew harder

And the rain quickened it's pace

I watched in fear as the porch swayed before its beams gave in and the roof collapsed

The electricity buzzed louder before it began to spark

The drooping wallpaper caught on fire and began to wilt from the heat even more

The sparks grew quicker throwing flames across the room catching the furniture on fire

Soon smoke filled the room and the flames leaked through the walls and stretched up through the roof

Through the curtains of smoke appeared a figure of a man

Wandering through the inflamed rooms as though he were lost

I tried to refocus my eyes thinking it was just a trick but the figure remained

Afraid for that person I dropped my umbrella and ran to the gate

But it would not open for me

I kicked and pulled, yet it would not open

I yelled for help but no one heard me

Cars passed by but no one would stop

Frantically I picked up my umbrella and tried to pry the gate open

But still it would not give

I stood there in horror using my umbrella as a prop

Watching the flames display images of the past

All the blissful moments that were had in each room

The wailing of the inferno made my heart cry out with remorse

As I was confined to do nothing but watch each and every room collapse

Tears began to flow from my eyes from the emotion and the smoke

Rain dripping from my hair and clothes made it seem as though my body was weeping too

No matter how I tried I could not tear my eyes from the tragic site

Soon the winds turned and the fire grew more powerful

A faint laughter of mournful triumph ran through the air as the rain stopped

Then without warning the roof caved in

The images no longer visible

Stricken with grief the feeling of faint swept over me

My umbrella no longer able to support me fell at my feet as gravity took control of my stature

Now the house has fallen

Destroyed by its own self pity

And I am left alone with my guilt and umbrella in a fitful slumber at the gates of my very hell.


Piper Marau