Welcome to the place where everything is upside down and never happening the way we want it to. This is our world so come right in and have a seat on the couch.

Our Poetry

Feast of The Dragon (for kelso)

Not you again

You are back here pecking at me

Digging your talons into my skin

My arms flailing in attempt to throw you off

Running through the fields in no direction

You beat me with your horrid wings kneeling me on to the ground

In the distance they watch as we fade into the wheat

Searching for the first drop of blood

My heart pounding in fear

Grasping for survival

Peeling your scales

Tearing at your eyes

Mine will not open to see the flesh ripped from my arms

While you devour me they sigh

One by one they leave

Going back into the trees

As just a whimper escapes my throat

My fingers gently sliding off your neck

Melting into the darkness with the setting sun

Piper Marau

Break These Chains


A thousand apologies to cater to your needs

I've been wanting to break these chains that have a hold of me

Do you look inside me?

I've broken up these static words so clear

Now I can't be heard, my longing for a light to lead me on my way


Like dust from a fan the darkness scatters from my eyes

I'm blessed with a sight I was so long denied by you

For trust I've left you things that never were taken care of

As I turn to leave I hear you calling out to me to stay

You lost your chance, I've wasted too many years it seems to wait for you again


We may be on the same level now

As you can see I won't be taken for a fool

All promises made by you, taken with a grain of salt

Earth gone barren, you cannot grow here

No one can take your place as you never filled it yourself

Can you see inside me?


Hollow, my soul echos to shallow foot steps down my empty hallway

Searching and seeking a sign of life with sharp eyes following you

Your every move is watched as you sincerely apologize

Now take your forgiveness and leave!



Piper Marau/Kelso/Tisha

My Lovely Kelsey

Mr. Lollar

 Her daddy doesn't know

She's over here getting lung cancer.

Her daddy doesn't know

When she buys suggestive underware.

Her daddy doesn't know

She's quiet because he refuses to listen.

Her daddy doesn't know

She wants to have a life.

Her daddy doesn't know

She wants him to listen.

Her daddy doesn't know

Sometimes he makes her cry.

Her daddy doesn't know

How long she cries when he does.

Her daddy doesn't know

The moment she starts to resent him.

Her daddy doesn't know

She won't be looking back.

Her daddy doesn't know

She gave someone her innocence.

Her daddy doesn't know

She's still just as innocent.

Her daddy will never know

The woman she came to be.

Her daddy will never know

Because he hates himself too much to pick up where he left her.

Her daddy doesn't know

Another child will never fix it.

Her daddy does know

That she won't always be around.

He just doesn't care.


Piper Marau

I'm Sorry

 I'm so sorry I left you alone

The time I said I'd be there I abandoned

Now lower than the most detestable slime on the chain do I feel

Perhaps lower

I don't know why life moves on the way it does

If I could chose, I'd never leave you

My words just deepen the wound I know

What else do I have to offer you?

I drained myself in the escape trying desperately not to see your pain

Self conceit is a hard thing to break

Almost as hard as denial

Piper Marau

Unnamed Friend

 Sweet and everlasting

She gazes through those gentle almond eyes

Too young to be taken

To soar with the angels

The beauty of a rose

She captivates her subjects

She exposes many emotions at once

But who can ever tell what she's thinking

She's a mystery as she is beautiful

I cry to think she should leave so soon

My best friend ****** I have no regrets

Just to have her for Valentine's Day

One last time before she dies

The gift I have for her

The joys of one thousand lives.

Piper marau

Pt 1


Rolling in dust

Feeling like rust

We're stuck in this place

Feeling this life is a waste

You yelled to get your points out

But they're stuck in the middle of the route


We have started this chain reaction

And we're goin through suffocation

The air is too thick to breathe

It is too dark to see

You've blinded us with your remedies

Can we fight this battle?

You gave the baby OUR rattle!

Now you have to give it back!


Back to the place it came

Factory of a thousand names

We've lost the battle to score

Points for the war

Wars lost in this suffocating game

To take our name by brands

We never claim

We are not lost

We don't need to be found

Leave us alone so we can be around

Now watch this chain reaction

The next verse has begun

And this war is about to be won

Meet your successors friend

This is the beginning to your end.


Kelso and Piper

Pt2 Revenge of the Dragon


So I lay you down across the tree

To be criticized by eyes that see

And as they rip and tear your soul

You are bound


I told you it was over

Did you believe me?


Now it's my turn

Revenge I shall reap

Your soul has taken form

And only I shall speak


And I hear the echos of your painful cries

Then you beg for them to stop

And just so that you know they will not cease

The torture they do increase


I told you it was over

Did you believe me?


Now it's my turn

Revenge I shall reap

Your soul has taken form

And only I shall speak


And when they are finished

From the chains they will release you

Then you will know what your torture does to us


It feels so good to know that you know how it feels!

So I smile and watch as the pain slowly kills

While I stand on your corpse I live

And the crows all surround near by

I laugh and raise my head and spread my wings to fly

"Revenge of the Dragon!"

I say on high


This is the beginning to your end



The Eyes of Kelso


I've bled for you on stage a visual for my dedications

Through out my precipitations cast from doubt you collect

All those years aside

I will not hide

My love has been an echo in your hollow ears

May years be torn from your hands

I've proven my dedications

Now my allegations

Can I try to win you over in this darkened hallway?

Sneered at by your friends I walk alone

My friends but a distraction

You burned me out!

Darkness swarmed like angry bees with stinging blindness waiting for the light

You've left me lost to await your answer

Or will you answer?

What side are you on, do you think?

Are you free or what are you going to do with me?

Left to sort myself go away and leave me here

Away from this place all to wait for you

But if you ever come back I doubt I'll still be there.





Around it goes, 'round a circle

Speaking venom words are heard

As it travels nobody knows

Who can tell what they say goes

Speak of hate untruths be told

Friends no more hearts grow cold

Who can mend this riff of pain?

Take your hate avenge your name

Once seen once heard alone to be no one to mind

Hear these cries instead of lies

All I want is my life back

Because I am lying on a rack

And nothing in my heart is intact

I'm getting dizzy from this merry-go-round

Oh shit where's the ground?

Put me into a sedation

To take away what has stained

I wanna forget my past

This pain kills me so fast

God I don't want it to last

What has stained.





One by one the penguins steal my sanity

Sucking away the life that's in me

Holding on to this make believe

Hoping this boredom it will relieve

Green cat's eyes in a goblet of gold

The redness making me feel clever and bold

All the while knowing it was me I sold

For this life I try to fold

Securing it in the paw of life

Making me believe to get rid of the strife

Fairy tales telling of the breaking issues

I just wanna break away from the penguin's tissue!

They attack with passion and such force

All this screaming is making me hoarse

As this little penguin takes its course

I'm hanging here on a string

Let me be I need life!

Not this endless road of strife.



Blanket of Life


Laces of black

This feeling I lack

Tears at my soul

For another day again

What happened?

Did I sin against some God I don't know exists?

Existence is a picture to sell in a frame

It's not yours and you didn't want it

But it comes with the purchase

I stare into the faces of these people I don't know

But they know something I don't

They know why but won't tell me

I've cried out through these laces of black

Of torment

Trying to find answers to my pain

And to escape the deception I face

But there is no escape

Just making myself tired yet again

I get tired a lot now

Lost energy trying to fight this battle I never signed up for

I think I'll go back to sleep now

My lucid dream is the only way out

To keep in touch with those few happy memories

That place I always feel safe in

My Blanket of Life.





Sucked towards the middle

Lost in the color swirl you hit me with

Blowing up in my face

I stood and watched it fall into space

As chains of deception wrapped its way in my path

Trying to know you and Piper showing you her wrath

I felt so bad and yet

A glare was showing

You changed my life

And the way I look at guys

You're a dirty empty well

Is the conclusion to this hollow hell

Soon you'll be hearing the screams of the deception bell

But at the end of it all

I will just eventually fall

And stuck in a deep hall I'll stand

Stand and patiently waving my tired hand

To get your attention

And this be my prevention

Wrap my hands so I will not wave

Cover my eyes so I will not see

And my heart please save

But God don't stay!



A Friend called Piper


Pleasure is awaiting for the right one to hear

Confusion of life is absorbing all the tears

Looking for a shelter in this hollow pain

The blood of your own flesh on cloth has stained

What has loved no longer gives

But the colorful things of dreams has taken over the strife

No longer cutting the bones with a knife

In the soul of Piper I found pleasure in living

Humorous dreams to my satisfaction always giving

To her I will try to always satisfy

Although it may be hard for others are taking over

I'll always be faithful to her ever more

When you leave, keep in touch, Piper

From you a letter would mean so much

On your journey through your path

Don't let others bring you down

They know you not and they wear devilish crowns

Be true to you and others you find

Always but not too much show them your mind

Let them see, Piper, for you are so real.