The Customer


I see you there, Lonely

Waiting on a hand

Longing for a touch

This is where you go

I see the side that no one sees

The lonely side of you

Reaching out for someone

You, so desperate

Me, so patient

Welcome to my world

You draw me into yours

Three, four songs go by

On and on you go

Rambling about your significant day

Stage call for me, I'll be right back, Honey

You wait, eyes wandering

When I get back you will draw it out, I know

You just need someone to talk to

You know I don't really like you

But I will for now

That is what I'm getting paid for.


Piper Marau

My Stage


I long for you

Yet again

Your sweet light beckons me from far away

The violent satisfaction you once gave me

Needs so desperately to be filled

My memories become dreams as I drift

Into the most restless sleep

My legs twitch as though we were

Together again

But we are not

I left you long ago

And I still feel you under me


Together as one

As we always were

There are nights when I do nothing

But try to find a way to be with you again

Hoping I can keep you a little longer

So I can feel you guide me

My love.

Piper Marau


Song 1

It calls me

Screaming in the dark lonely night

The exhilaration, the attention

It's like floating on a cloud

Controlling the weather

I know I have you

Captivated in my glare

I know you want me

As I circle the stage you long for me

I'm high on my throne

You don't exist to me

Just close my eyes and I'm gone

I float around, in the air, across your imagination

Go home and think of me, I dare you

Be the one to worship me

Take a number while I take the stage

I feel so alive, I feel so important

With my head held high I make my exit

So good, that was

The hair sticking to my face

My legs are itching for more

Song 2

I walk out slowly

I hold all the power

The packed room is dead to me

I do it for myself

I'm riding on a cloud

Skating past time

Should I make it rain?

The bass creeps up my spine

The lights heat my skin

I'll spin for you, 'round I go

Now I own you

My satisfaction has been filled

You look me in the eyes

You are dead to me

My breath runs out

My ache for the spotlight will subside

Don't wait for me

Go back to your life

This stage is mine

This love is true

There you are

Forced to watch

Here I am above you

How captivating

Piper Marau