Letting some of it out

The New People

Things were really weird

The first black president didn't want to share

his birth certificate

because of a technicality of the law

that denied about one percent of Americans to be

Citizens by birth

A slight of territory

But he was black and that was more important

People worked too much, too

Since the great war women want to work

When before the men provided enough

and when they were gone it was the female work force that

kept the country stable

Then the men came back

the women carried the torch

feeling the power

being practical and nurturing at the same time

They didn't want to let go

A man to provide more than enough wasn't enough

to let the poor unwashed to get a job was


Duel income households began to make more money than

humanly needed

and all the people demanding jobs

demanded they produce more products

more than people can buy

and the generation from the great war

that did without

frowns on waste

So they created an army of consumers

gluttons because starving children in Ethiopia don't have food

so we must eat for them

because travel and working for them is too hard

so if we use all our great country gives us it'll give them hope

because they know somewhere someone isn't going hungry

and you can't put a price on hope

So then since we are all gluttons now we can make anything

stupid, lazy contraptions that

make you find reasons not to know anything by memory

or notice what other people are doing to each other

unless its gossip

because embarrassing is more important than

the voting rights being revoked

and the constitution being changed

by a president that

disobeyed the very constitution that is supposed to protect us from him.

Piper Marau

Dancing Monkey

I see the world
The discrimination and hate
Now I am blind.
I listen to the words of poison spoken by society
Now I am def.
I speak of peace and take a stand
Now I am mute.

Piper Marau

AmeriGod (is gone)

Hitler killed God in America

Not just America

But that was the first national amputation of faith.

By destroying a race

An entire nation

Not just on his own but through the doing of

his own scared

naive people

and convinced them that


wanted a pure race

staining the name of our creator

when once countries founded new land in the NAME of God

Now they cower from God,

Any God a man like Hitler could worship.

Who's God would kill a precious people?

The answer is 'Not MY God".

My God would not kill the people He deemed chosen.

But Hitler changed God's mind

Demanding the world to turn a blind eye

making his nation commit unspeakable crimes

in a time when people trusted God

and made laws based on God's laws.

He made the world afraid

Countries unified in fear to

stop this criminal

stop his God.

And to get by

to cope with the cruelty brought into the Christian world

man stopped turning to God

compartmentalizing morality to serve a bigger cause

and now God is dead.

His word is stripped from man's laws

and only fanatics and hillbillies can hear Him speak.

And as each American woman hung up her skirt

for pants and

each young man left a boy and came back half a man

or broken

proud and scarred and drunk

each man and woman drinking away the tragedies

until God left the home

because what God would allow such a horrific slaughter

and if he exists we don't want him to represent us any more

but if God is only merciful he must be dead

or it would have never happened.

So God goes under the rug and


have no one left to save them.

Piper Marau

The Age of Technology
Meaningless words stationed on paper
Thoughts of the average person yet clueless
Who knows what we will say next
The intelligence has depleted because of our laziness
When will some one create a gadget to make us learn quicker instead of remote control cars?
It's to where we are too lazy to drive
Now we can switch on auto pilot and read the paper
Our youth doesn't learn value and heritage any more
We instead are trained by a bell system and are forced to hear the watered down politically correct version of what the government claims is history
It's no longer the value of knowledge but the value of time and battle bots
I wonder when reproduction will join the sea of mechanically powered produce
After all it's only a matter of time
We already are cloning and raising test tube babies
Why not totally eliminate manual labor?
Women would love that but we are no longer just curious about what we can do now but we play God
We act like our machines can take the place of our creator
I have some advice we all need to hear
Do not bite the hand that feeds
Especially when that hand is feeding life.

Piper Marau

And Theeeeeeennn.....?


I've had nothing to write about

Head empty by confusion

Not knowing where I stand

Self loathing my own existence

Never sure on truth and lies

So angry at people around

Who's fault could this be, for now?

What defines too far for us?

I can't let things be like this

I can't express the hate I feel

To watch the needs be stamped with a price

To be too poor to die

You pay to be born

You pay to be buried

All things mandatory now cost

The trivial, common and cheap

Being robbed by yourself each day

Filling the bucket as it drains down the hole

No longer allowed to fight back

Controlled by fear and ignorance

Compelled by greed and obedience

I watch as they fiend

I grimace and woe for the simple

Knowing no one can do them better

You don't just have to want to help

You have to fight to survive yourself

The blind leading the blind

No standards, Too many rules

Such secrets when there need be none

For what?

Piper Marau


I am the person you try to protect your kids from,
Because you could not accept me,
I am the lies you tell,
To keep your church from looking at you funny,
I am your rape,
Your suicide,
Your murder,
I am your hate inside when you get mad,
I am everything you need,
I live in side of you,
I eat away your soul,
I am everything you want to be,
Because you envy me,
Because I have the nerve to fuck the world and still walk the streets at night,
I am not afraid of you,
I am your fear,
Your anxiety,
Your sick joy after you've corrupted the minds of little children with your discrimination.
I am you.

Piper Marau

Keep sucking
Slowly savor the sweet aroma
Cup it in your hands like a flowing water
Gathered from the fountain of life
It trickles through your fingers slipping
Slowly like silk floating gently away
Yet unable to grasp on to hold it down
Sipping it in your mouth as though to make it part of you
Soon it too will pass
Like last night's dinner
You cannot be so selfish
Though, you are
Trying to keep it all to yourself
Sucking in more and more
Faster as it slips away
Faster as you see it leaving
Knowing it was never yours.
Piper Marau

Death by Darkness


I had to bleed on you to feel your void of numbness

You looked at me to confirm

Conceal the lie and deception

Please look away for now

Your apathetic being has torn my love away from you

You never understood the pain you caused

You killed so many people deep inside

The silent killer in the dark.

Piper Marau


Alot of Nothing

It's alot of "nothing" that brings you down
"Nothing" tears you appart from the inside
"Nothing" eats you alive and steadily destroys your life
"Nothing" sure must be something
"Nothing" is why your friends and family are worried about you
"Nothing" kills us from the inside
We always seem to be hiding "nothing
So why does it plague us so?
And when surely someone knows there is something wrong
Why do we always say "Oh, it's nothing."?

Piper Marau


Left Behind


Soaked in death

Black cloud, gray sky

Reaped in the aftermath

Watching you die

Blood drenched

Forever gone

He collects the souls of both the right and wronged

No one left

I am all alone

This sad world

Has no one to own

Crying in the ruins

Like the black plague took over

Bring out your dead

No one to cover

Does any one know?

Why am I left behind?

Was it something I said?

Why am I so blind?

I can't be here alone

I can't survive on my own

I guess I'll just wait

Set out some bait

He has to come for me

He can't just leave me here

Eventually I have to die.

Piper Marau

Spring Break '03


I've seen it

Saw it

Did it

Don't remember it

Like I even should

I had too much fun

Like any teenager would

So I drank a little here and there

Lied to mom to get purple hair

It's all cool you know

I'm using common sense

It's not like I even have my driver's license

I've got friends who can drive

They are 21 and such

I've seen them drive before

They don't go fast too much

In the car I mean

It's not like you have to speed when you are high

You don't want the cops to focus on you

Not as you're about to die

So we saw something on the road

Like a deer or an armadillo

We swerved to the left to avoid contact

It was great and all except for the car to car impact

It was just a plastic bag in the way

But it doesn't matter now

They are releasing me from the hospital today

To put me in the ground.

Piper Mara